Zagreb ‑ Eights on Sava


23 August 2015

Regatta “Eights on Sava“ on October 12, 2024 is for the following categories:

Juniors under 19 (U19), 8+/8x JM/JF

Open category over 16, 8+/8x OM/OF

Masters categories same as FISA, M/F/Mix


Races will be divided into four groups, with a number of crews limited to 15 in each group.

Group 1: 8+/8x+ Masters

Group 2: 8+/8x+ Juniors JM, JF

Group 3: 8+/8x+ Masters Mix

Group 4: 8+/8x+ Open OM, OF


For calculating points with the “Capital Cup “, the following factors are used:

8+ M time x 1,000

8x+ M time x 1,027

8+ F time x 0,894

8x+ F time x 0,921

8+ Mix time x 0,947

8x+ Mix time x 0,974


For registration of crews go to Registration.


Contact person (Zoran Emeršić)