Zagreb ‑ Eights on Sava


22 August 2015

Competition, friendship and other activities

The crews are expected to arrive on Friday afternoon and on Saturday morning. The regatta course is available for training on Saturday until 10:00 (and possibly on Friday).

At 10:00 on Saturday a compulsory meeting is scheduled with team leaders and coxswains on the ground level of HAVK Mladost building. Coxswains are obliged to attend. At the meeting they get bow numbers, bags for shoes and all important information.

The launching of boats competing in the first group starts at 11:00. Boats should follow the order of start numbers. The first race starts at 12:00. The expected completion of the last race is around 15:00.

The meal for all participants will be served between 14:00 and 17:00. The award ceremony starts at 16:00, to be followed by friendship gathering and After -Row party featuring live band.


Preliminary Programme for October 12, 2024:

7:00 - 10:00 Training on Sava River
from 8:00 Regatta office opens for registration
9:00 do 11:00 Coxswains weighting
10:00 Regatta meeting with team leaders and coxswains (compulsary for coxswains) 
from 10:00 Warm up on ergs
11:00 Launching of boats for competition according to start order 
12:00 Start of the first race
around 15:00 Completion of the last race
from 14:00 until 17:00 Meal for participants
16:00  Award ceremony
17:00 After-Row party