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Course details

22 August 2015

The course

The regatta course is along the southern shore of the Sava river. The length of the course is 3600 meters upstream. The coxwains should observe and avoid possible shallow water and rocks. Any signifficant shallow or rocky parts will be marked with a buoy.

The spectators can follow the races from both shores (including by bike - dismounting is necessary at the bridge) and bridges.

Launching and returning the boats is on the pontoon near HAVK Mladost. Please review the Race rules.

The map of the river with directions for warm-up and race.


Start zone ↓





As with any river race, water levels and conditions on the water can force a change of plan. In this case, we have an alternative course. This is a regular regatta course on Lake Jarun, with a total course length of 4.000 meters (2 x 2.000 meters with a change of directions halfway). The start is close to the finishing tower. Crews should row close to the middle of the lake, make a 180 degree turn around the buoy, and back towards the finishing tower. Overtaking is not allowed 100 meters before the turn (red buoys). The crew being overtaken must move towards the shore.

The map of rowing on Jarun Lake


Safety rules


  • Before launching the boat, all crews must enter the time and the crew names in the log book located in the boat house of HAVK Mladost.
  • When launching the boat, the bow is directed upstream.
  • Upon leaving the pontoon, the starboard rowers row forward, port rowers reverse until the boat is turned downstream, making sure that the boat stays in the launching half of the river width.
  • When rowing downstream (warm-up), boats stay in the middle of the river! 
  • The stopping and turning of boats should commence by the anchored boats past the bridge (in oredr to avoid dangerous brink further downstream.
  • Racing upstream is by the southern shore (left shore for the coxwain). The coxwains should observe and avoid possible shallow water and rocks.
  • After finishing the race, crews row 100 meters further upstream (going further is forbiden and it can be dangerous), and when in line with pontoon the boat changes direction downstream while approaching the pontoon. Alternatively, the boat can approach the pontoon having the bow turned upstream.