Zagreb ‑ Eights on Sava

Key facts

22 August 2015
  • Head race of Eights on River Sava in Zagreb, in the sport of rowing marked by several Olympic medals.
  • Eights start subsequently one after the other every 20 seconds.
  • International regatta which is a part of the CAPITAL CUP.
  • Regatta is an initiative to return sports and recreational activities to Sava River.
  • After the races each participants gets a meal, to be followed by the winners award ceremony and After-Race party featuring a live band.
  • The regatta hosts are: HAVK MladostGrad ZagrebHrvatski veslački savezCroatian Rowing FederationVeslački savez ZagrebaZagreb Rowing Federation.



  • First race starts at 12:00.
  • Each heat is limited to 15 crews.
  • The exact time schedule for each race is subject to modifications, depending on the number of participating crews, to allow for smooth launching and exchanging of boats for different crews.
  • The launching of boats is done on the pontoon at HAVK Mladost. The crews are required to follow the launching order by their corresponding starting numbers.
  • Warm-up is from the launching point downstream to the marshal located 200m away from the brink (by the high chimney of the heating facility), and then upstream to the buoy between the bridges – observe this limitation because passing further downstream is risky and dangerous.
  • All crews gather in the starting zone (as shown on the attached map) 5 minutes before the starting time, with the bow pointing upstream and according to the starting numbers.
  • Start is on the fly, every 20 seconds. Crossing the start line is indicated by the sound signal.
  • When being overtaken, slower crews are obliged to move to the centre of the river to allow the faster crew to pass them. Failing to do so is subject to a 10-second penalty. Two such infringements are allowed, however, a third infringement involves disqualification from the race.
  • Crossing the finishing line is indicated by the sound signal.
  • After crossing the finishing line, the crews approach the float according to the directions shown on the attached picture and promptly carry out or exchange the boat with a different crew.