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Why on Sava?

02 November 2015

Regatta dates:

10. 12.10.2024 - in preparation

9. 14.10.2023. - successfully completed

8. 22.10.2022 - successfully completed

7. 23.10.2021  - successfully completed

6. 24.10.2020. - successfully completed

5. 26.10.2019. - successfully completed

4. 3.11.2018. - successfully completed

3. 4.11.2017. - successfully completed

2. 5.11.2016. - successfully completed

1. 7.11.2015. - successfully completed



After many years of absence of rowing on Sava River in Zagreb, except some unsuccessful tries, HAVK Mladost took serious steps to add one more rowing venue in the City of Zagreb. In addition to the first class facility on Jarun Lake, rowing has returned to its natural surrounding on Sava. In November, 2015 Zagreb hosted an international rowing regatta “Eights on Sava“. It was planned that this regatta continues as an international rowing event on Sava, as well as a part of the traditional “Capital Cup“ which hosted rowing regattas in Budapest and Vienna (in 2017, Prague Prague also participated in the Capital Cup regattas). Furthermore, it is expected that “Return to Sava“ motivates the public institution and the general public to partake in getting to the banks of river Sava in all respects, particularly in sports and recreation.

Rowing in Zagreb has a long tradition. The official Web pages of the Croatian Rowing Association state that on June 9, 1872 “The first Croatian rowing and fishing association“ was established. Thirteen years later, in 1885, “Hrvatski Sokol“ formed its rowing section. The first exclusively rowing club, “Croatian rowing club“ was established on March 19, 1912. Following some name changes, this original club is todays HAVK Mladost.

During the following years other rowing clubs have sprung out, hence Zagreb today has seven more rowing clubs - VK Trešnjevka (1923), VK Zagreb (1930), VK Croatia (1934), VK Jarun (1990), VK Sava (2002), VK Nova (2003), VK Purger (2004).

The river Sava from “Toplana“ (Most mladosti - the bridge of youth) all the way to Željeznički most (the train bridge) offers ideal conditions for long rowing practices and competitions. That venue is planned for the regatta “Eights on Sava“. The first regatta in Zagreb in 2015. was the first of the series of tri regattas within the “Capital Cup“ for the year 2016. Other two regattas took place in spring of 2016 in Budapest and Vienna. The date set for “Eights on Sava“ was November 7, 2015

Second race "Eights on Sava", which is also the first race for the "Capital Cup 2017". was held in Zagreb on November 5th, 2016.

The third race "Eights on Sava", which was, for the season 2018, the second regatta for the "Capital Cup" (the first one was in Prague in October of 2017), occured on November 4, 2017.

The fourth, now traditional Capital Cup race took place on lake Jarun in Zagreb on November 3, 2018.

The fifth traditional Capital Cup race took place in Zagreb on October 26, 2019.

The sixth traditional Capital CUp race took place on lake Jarun in Zagreb on October 24. 2020.

The seventh traditional Capital CUp race took place in Zagreb on October 23. 2021.

The eigth traditional Capital CUp race took place in Zagreb on October 22. 2022.

The ninth traditional Capital CUp race took place in Zagreb on October 14. 2023.

The tenth traditional Capital Cup regata will take place in Zagreb on October 12, 2024.