Zagreb ‑ Eights on Sava

Regatta Categories

22 August 2015



  1. The heats will be filled according to the registration order until the maximum number of crews in each category is reached. The organizer reserves the right to decrease or increase the number of participants in each category, depending on water and/or technical conditions.
  2. Registrations will be done electronically at Verified registrations must be delivered to the dedicated judges at least 2 hours before the start of the competition (by 10:00 am on the day of the event).
  3. The year of birth must be shown on the registration form for all participants.
  4. The registration fee is 150 € for each crew (for each 8+).
  5. Boat rental is possible with a 30-day advanced notification to the organizer at the cost of 100 € per boat.  



• Open
• Juniors (Under 19)
• Masters (FISA Categories)


• Open
• Juniors (Under 19)
• Masters s (FISA Categories)

Questions about entries?
Contact raceoffice (Zoran Emeršić)