Zagreb ‑ Eights on Sava


22 August 2015



For the first time in any of the Capital Cup regattas there was an additional Cup for the fastest crew by Bonus.

Bonus is calculated on the basis of several factors - type of the boat (eight 8+ or eight scull 8x+), sex, category, and for the Masters for each averaged year of the crew from 27 to 90.
This year all three Cups, first for the win in Men's Open category, second as the absolutely fastest crew, and the third for the fastest crew by Bonus went to the Mladost Seniori crew, with a phenomenal time of 14:50,60 which is also the record for this course in Zagreb.
We hope that this additional Bonus timing will also be implemented in other Capital Cup regattas, because it was designed in cooperation with the representatives of regattas in Vienna, Budapest and Prague.

Results by Category

Summary results (with bonus - new!)

Group 1

Group 2 

Group 3


November 3,  2017

Groups and start times 


Registred crews 

October 30, 2017.


Number Crew name Category Class Nationality Club
1 Mladost mladi veterani Man Masters A: 27-35 Croatia HAVK Mladost
2 Jadran Zadar Man Masters B: 36-42 Croatia Jadran Zadar
3 VK JADRAN RIJEKA Man Masters B: 36-42 Croatia VK JADRAN RIJEKA
4 VK Jarun Man Junior: U19 Croatia VK Jarun
5 rocket men Man Masters C: 43-49 Austria WRC Pirat
6 VK TREŠNJEVKA Man Masters C: 43-49 Croatia VK Trešnjevka
8 Hendrix Bridge Man Masters D: 50-54 Croatia HAVK Mladost
9 Erster Wiener Ruderclub LIA Man Masters D: 50-54 Austria Erster Wiener Ruderclub LIA
10 Mladost Seniori Man Open category: over 16 Croatia HAVK Mladost
11 Jadran Zadar Man Open category: over 16 Croatia Jadran Zadar
12 VK Jarun Man Open category: over 16 Croatia VK Jarun
13 Veslački klub FSB Man Open category: over 16 Croatia Veslački klub FSB, HAVK Mladost
14 Grad Jelsa Man Open category: over 16 Croatia Veslački  savez Dalmacije
15 8+ Open Mind Armida Man Open category: over 16 Italy Società Canottieri Armida
16 University of Vienna Woman Open category: over 16 Austria University of Vienna
17 Golden Girls and Boys Mixed Masters E: 55-59 Austria WRC Pirat
18 frACHTER Mixed Open category: over 16 Austria WRC Pirat
19 Grad Split Mixed Open category: over 16 Croatia Veslački  savez Dalmacije
20 European University Institute Mixed Open category: over 16 Italy European University Institute
21 VKC/VKJ Woman Junior: U19 Croatia VK Jarun
22 Hendrix mix Mixed Masters C: 43-49 Croatia HAVK Mladost
23 Mladost Mix in Action Mixed Masters D: 50-54 Croatia HAVK Mladost



In Zagreb, September 15th, 2017





Dear rowing friends and competitors,

We will soon host the third regatta „Eights on Sava” in Zagreb, being the second race in the 2017 - 2018 season of the Capital Cup. All of you who have participated in the first two regattas in Zagreb in 2015 and 2016, from Austria, Hungary, Slovenia and many Croatian cities, surely hold unforgettable memories of the race, conditions, friendship, hospitality and pure joy to be in Zagreb for this event.

This year the race „Eights on Sava” is scheduled for Saturday, November 4h, 2017. Based on a positive feedback from last year's events, we expect even more participants. Preparations for the race are in a full swing. We will do our part, and all we ask from you, with our appreciation and joy, is that you join us and be the part of yet another Capital Cup event. Bring you juniors, seniors, master rowers, man and woman, novices and Olympians. Yes, even Olympians, because in our Eight we will have our own Olympic Gold medal winners in double sculls, brothers Sinković.

Please go to Registration get all the necessary information and fill the registration form in due time. Then, be prepared to enjoy you race and your stay in Zagreb on November 4th, 7


For the HAVK Mladost organizing committee,

Goran Nuskern, President








Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Results by Category


November 3, 2016

Groups, start times and boats


PRELIMINARY START LIST (4.11.2016, 11:50)

Group Start time            
1 12:00 Bow number Crew name Nationality Man/WomanMixed Category Boat
    11 Jadran Zadar Croatia Man Masters B Own
    12 Mla/Ikt - Young Masters Croatia Man Masters B Boris 2
    13 VK Jadran Rijeka Croatia Man Masters B Octopus
    14 Neretvanski gusar Croatia Man Masters B Laštovica
    15 Mladost Old Masters Croatia Man Masters E Boris 1
    16 Trešnjevka Croatia Man Masters E Sorta
2 13:00 Bow number Crew name Nationality Man/WomanMixed Category Boat
    21 Gyor Atletikai Hungary Man Open Own
    22 Mladost  Seniori Croatia Man Open Boris 2
    23 Csepel-Tisza-Mohács-Budapest Hungary Man Open Sorta
    24 Panonia Hungary Man Open Own
    25 Mladost Juniori Croatia Man Junior: U19 Boris 1
    26 Maribor Slovenia Man Junior: U19 Own
    27 RGM Pirat/DHO/Stein/PÖC Austria Mixed Masters C Laštovica
    28 X8 VIENNA Austria Mixed Open Own
    29 Mladost /Ikt Croatia Woman Junior: U19 Octopus
3 14:00 Bow number Crew name Nationality Man/WomanMixed Category Boat
    31 Sveučilišni osmerac SUZ Croatia Woman Open Own
    32 Mladost8 Jarun MIX B Croatia Mixed Masters B Boris 1
    33 RGM Pirat/Stein Austria Mixed Open Own
    34 Mladost7 DC MIX Croatia Mixed Masters C Boris 2
    35 1. Wiener Ruderklub LIA Austria Mixed Masters C Own
    36 WRV Donauhort/DBU/ALE/VST Austria Woman Masters C Sorta
    37 Mladost2 / Iktus seniorke Croatia Woman Open Octopus

We look forward to welcoming you in Zagreb at the regatta  Osmerci na Savi – Eights on Sava on November 5, 2016!February 17, 2016 


November 15, 2015 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the first annual international regatta Osmerci na Savi – Eights on Sava on November 7, 2015 in Zagreb. All of us at the HAVK Mladost are truly appreciative of all of the rowers who came out, and would like to particularly honor our guests from Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, various Croatian cities and clubs from Zagreb, thus showing their support for the first of four regattas of the Capital Cup 2015/2016 (participating cities Zagreb, Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava).  We are honored to have had the opportunity to host our race in support of that event, as well as for the ambitious “Return to Sava” project.

We would like to convey special thanks to Grad Zagreb and Milan Bandić, the Mayor, who was the primary race sponsor and an enthusiastic supporter for the “Return to Sava”.

We would like to extend our gratitude, as well, to all who participated in many organizational and site preparation tasks:

Zagrebački Holding, podružnice Zrinjevac i Zagrebačke ceste, Rekreacijsko športski centar JarunHrvatske vode (VGO za gornju Savu), Veslački savez Zagreba, Strikan d.o.o., Geokon-Zagreb d.d., Red Bull.

Strengthened by the success of this first regatta, with your continuous help and support we will involve all our energy to make this regatta a true joiner of four great cities and peoples of Zagreb, Budapest, Vienna and Bratislava, as well as the foundation for the Return to Sava.


Zagreb, November 15, 2015                                                                      HAVK Mladost

                                                                                                                 Goran Nuskern, president



Event video

Photos are in Photogalery 2015 (left).